• Services

    • Preliminary Land Assessment

      Develop concept site plans based on review of comprehensive plan, zoning, stormwater requirements, existing conditions, phasing, review of recorded documents and agreements, and feedback from Client. Assist Client with development of project schedule, zoning strategy, timeline, funding strategy, and overall budget.

    • Preliminary Building Assessment (If Required)

      After selection of concept project plan, assist Client in interviewing and selection of building architect and/or joint venture partner. This includes interviews and negotiation of scope and fees. Apollo Developers will work with architect to develop concept building elevations and develop project estimate.

    • Preliminary Public Support Assessment (If Required)

      Participate in coordination with City administration to discuss support from project zoning approval and potential contributions/financial support from the City from Redevelopment Commission for Public Improvements.

    • Land Due Diligence and Zoning

      Assist Client through due diligence process including Phase 1 environmental study, title work, and soil borings. Assist in preparation of re-zoning and redevelopment commission documents. Attendance at City meetings including plan commission and City council.

    • Final Engineering

      Assist in development of final design plans (site engineering and architectural/structural/MEP) and submittal of permits including demolition, water, sanitary sewer, stormwater/drainage, IDEM Rule 5, fire marshall, building, bonding, and all local permits.

    • Construction Bids

      Prepare bid packages and facilitate contracting of work including insurance requirements, development of contracts, project specifications, division of work, and recommendations.  

    • Construction Management

      Construction administration including review of submittals, inspection of all field work, review of pay applications, coordination/scheduling of contractors, issuance of weekly reports to Client with schedule and budget updates, erosion control inspections, and coordination of local inspections. Inspections limited to site improvements.

    • Project Closeout

      Project closeout including coordination of secondary plat recording, assistance with maintenance/performance bonds, final approval for certificate of occupancy, and recording of required documentation.